Ofcom says O2 has worst 3G coverage in UK


Really interesting story on Tech Digest http://www.techdigest.tv/2009/07/ofcom_releases.html which highlights communications regulator Ofcom’s 3G map of the UK.

Not surprisingly the 3 network has the best 3G coverage – well it was on the case before the others – and that in last place it is, you guessed it, O2. I have been distinctly unimpressed by O2’s 3G coverage, since getting an iPhone a few months back, and it isn’t just me either http://ashleynorris.posterous.com/why-o2-sucks-and-the-iphone-underperforms-on

What is most galling is the lack of 3G in rural areas. This is something I thought the operators were on to years ago. Roll on next gen services like WiMax


3 thoughts on “Ofcom says O2 has worst 3G coverage in UK

  1. O2 narrowly made their deadline to cover a certain percentage of the UK, or they would have been fined by Ofcom as part of their licence. It doesn’t surprise me to see them lagging in last place when it comes to 3G coverage – although they did manage to get EDGE up and running pretty quickly for the original iPhone.

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