Elvis’ Backing Singers Record with Pete Molinari


The great Pete Molinari is playing a session on Marc Riley’s 6 Music show this evening (Thursday 2nd July) and I just thought I’d let you know. It’ll be available for the next week on Listen Again. In case you’ve not heard Pete before, he’s put out two albums on Damaged Goods, in his distinctive and wonderful style. A style rooted in his home town of Chatham, Kent, where he immersed himself in the records of Billie Holiday, Leadbelly and John Coltrane, but one that has evolved to encompass an authentic Americana sound blending folk, Delta Blues and country. Pete spent two years in his early twenties in New York honing his playing and songwriting.

Possessed of the sharpest clothes and handsomest quiff on the current scene his 2006 debut Walking off the Map,recorded by fellow Chathamite Billy Childish created a near-immediate stir. The follow-up, A Virtual Landslide, recorded at Toerag and produced by Liam Watson, broke him to a wider audience and was rated 18th best of 2008 by Mojo.

His current plans are hazy, simply because he is so busy, but they included a third album and a move to Nashville, where he is putting together a touring band. Lucky America.

Prior to his move, Damaged Goods are releasing an EP on 10″ (my favourite format) and CD. This was recorded in Nashville with A Team session men and Elvis’ backing singers, the legendary Jordanaires. Nice work fella.

You’d better catch him while you can. Aside from tonight’s session, he’s playing the following July festivals; Lounge on the Farm, Canterbury 12th, Truck 26th and Cambridge Folk on 30th.

Here’s his second single and A Virtual Landslide opener, It Came out of the Wilderness.


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