Moneen Live at the Barfly










Last week I had the chance to check out Moneen at the Barfly, as they headlined one of two shows before kicking off their one-week stint around the UK with Brand New.

The show had been organized fairly last minute, and had it not been for the opening act Lights. Action!, it probably wouldn’t have been possible, as Moneen ended up borrowing everything from equipment, to their van. Despite all of this, the venue was packed and Moneen, did not disappoint.

The four piece indie rock group from Ontario, Canada formed in 1999 and have released three albums to date, with their new and highly anticipated follow up to The Red Tree (2006), The World I Want to Leave Behind, expected to drop sometime this fall. They have developed quite a reputation over the years for their stunning live performances, and this show was no exception. From the moment they stepped on stage they had the whole room singing along.

They kicked things off by launching into ‘Are We Really Happy with Who We Are Right Now?’ as vocalist and guitarist Kenny Bridges delivered an indefatigable performance, leaping around the stage. This was followed by a number of old favorites, including ‘Bleed & Blister,’ ‘Tonight I’m gone…’ and ‘The Passing of America’ much to the delight of the crowd. They also took the opportunity to play 2 new songs ‘Hold That Sound’, off the new EP, and ‘Believe.’

The new material seems to be a bit of a departure from the tech rock sounds of their last albums. Regardless of this shift, both new and old fans received the new material enthusiastically only adding to the anticipation surrounding their upcoming release.

As their set came to an end, Moneen finished up on a high with ‘Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He Can’t Do.’ At this point general mayhem broke out as the crowd surged with excitement, fans jumping up onto the stage and all the microphones, with the exception of guitarist/ vocalist Hippy’s, seemingly disappearing into the crowd.

Moneen are an astounding live band that consistently delivers passionate, high-energy rock that continues to impress. With hints that they may be back in the fall to tour their new album, I would highly recommend taking advantage of this second chance to go check them out.


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