Punk Rock Industrial Workshop, Art Gallery & Private Salon for Ladies & Gentlemen Now Open


From the ashes of London’s Aquarium Gallery rises a new venture built by the sweat and toil of a group of music-connected artists of high ‘outsider’ and anti-establishment pedigree.

The L-13 Light Industrial Workshop and Private Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club for Art Leisure and the Disruptive Betterment of Culture launches itself with a Grand Open Weekend.

Seeking to blur the distinctions between art production and display, L-13 will continue to showcase the works of Jamie Reid, Billy Childish, James Cauty, Sexton Ming, Geraldine Swayne and Harry Adams in the form of paintings, limited edition prints, books, pamphlets and posters.

In case you can’t quite place them; Reid was responsible for all the classic Sex Pistols sleeve designs and iconography, Childish is a prolific artist, poet, novelist and musician with over 100 albums to his name, Swayne is currently collaborating with Krautrock legends Faust and Cauty was the KLF co-founder with Bill Drummond, famed for burning a million quid and Ming is just a maverick genius.

Situated on Eyre Street Hill, Clerkenwell, opening times for the launch are:
Fri 29th May: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Sat 30th May: 12noon – 7pm
Sun 31st May: 12noon – 6pm

Regular opening times will be:
TUESDAYS 12.13 pm – 7.13 pm
WEDNESDAYS 11.13 pm – 8.13 pm
THURSDAYS 10.13 pm – 5.13 pm
Or by prior appointment


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