Metric Rocks the Electric Ballroom


Tuesday night, Metric, rocked London at a sold out show at Electric Ballroom in Camden.
Playing a mix of old and new hits, they opened the show with the hit single off their new album Fantasies, ‘Help i’m alive.” They also made sure to covered all the crowd pleasers from “Dead Disco” and “Monster Hospital” to current single “Sick Muse”. Despite begin the last stop on their European tour, the energy and confidence of Metric was clearly reflected by the crowd as they complied to singer Emily Haines, request to rock their fucking faces off.

For those who have been living under a rock (or didn’t read 10 Canadian bands that are well worth hearing), Metric are a four piece Canadian new wave indie band, known for their synthesizer driven pop anthems for hipster kids. Formed in 1998, they now have 4 albums under the belt and continue to gain a steady following.

Haines, a rock star in every right, danced around the stage in a military jacket taking swigs of Champaign from the bottle, as they promoted their new album Fantasies (which clearly worked as I have had it on repeat now for the last few days).The new songs seem to have instantly become crowd favourites as the whole room seemed to dance around to the catchy riffs of “Gold Guns and Girls.” However, the success of their albums Live it Out (2005) and Fantasies (2009), has clearly fuelled the bands ego. Haines, half-jokingly apologized for the fact that we would soon all be bitching about having to see them at sold out stadium shows. She then went on to reference their new song “Gimme Sympathy” asking “Who’d you rather be, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?’ Their goal – to become a hybrid of both, and in her words offer something to music lovers that Bloc Party and the Klaxons certainly cannot.

Rock star antics aside, they played a solid set that had the whole room grinning ear to ear as the lights came up. With promises to be back this summer, Metric are well worth checking out.


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