God Help the Girl ~ It’s all Happening on Planet Belle & Sebastian


Do you like Belle and Sebastian? Thought so. Well, I bring great and exciting news to your door. There’s rather a lot to take in, so for starters, here’s what the B&S email said:

The first single by God Help The Girl, the new project produced by Stuart (Murdoch) is released this week by Rough Trade. ‘Come Monday Night’ is the first track to be released from the self titled album by God Help The Girl which is due for release on 22nd June. The single is backed by the non album track ‘Howard Jones is My Mozart’.

A limited edition 7″ and download version of the single will be available from this week with the 7″ available from bigger branches of HMV and selected independents including Rough Trade and Sister Ray in London; Action Records in Preston, One Up Records in Aberdeen, Fopp and Rhythmic in Edinburgh, and Monorail in Glasgow. It can also be purchased online from the B&S store (while stocks last!)

Now for the enticing bit, (this is me again) a subscription package is available for God Help The Girl which includes all the planned releases from the next few months and various Scooby Snacks. It costs £35 (plus £5.50 p&p), which is either an absolute bargain or £33.92 more than I have in my pocket at the moment.

The project grew out of songs in Stuart’s head which he knew to be unsuitable for B&S. From here he evolved the idea of a suite of songs involving different characters. A competition was launched to search for new voices and unearthed Catherine Ireton, Brittany Stallings (vocalist on the re-recorded Funny Little Frog) and Diana Bankole, who are among the nine singers on the project (which also includes Neil Hannon).

It’s all explained in this little film and sounds rather splendid to me.

Here’s the single.


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