Not All Parliaments Are Corrupt ~ Go See Alternative TV & The Fallen Leaves This Saturday


Yeah, I know that heading was a little contrived, but Notting Hill’s Parliament Club, hosted by The Fallen Leaves, has been running on a bi-monthly basis since 2004 and not only showcases true punk bands, it prides itself on upholding the finest of punk values. Run by the two most decent gentlemen in rock’n’roll, this Parliament deserves your support.

ATV, lest they need any introduction, were the short-lived, but prolific and influential, musical wing of punk’s pioneer scribe Mark Perry, author of the world’s first fanzine, Sniffin’ Glue. Billy Childish has often encored with their classic Action Time Vision over the last twenty years or so.

The Fallen Leaves are fronted by aforesaid gentlemen, vocalist The Rev Rob Green and original Subway Sect guitarist Rob Symmons and sound like, er, the original Subway Sect. Influences also include The Pretty Things, John’s Children and The Kinks. Backed by former Aardvark’s drummer Ian O’Sullivan and The Prellies mop-topped bassist Gareth Mountbatten Evans they are a damned fine garage quartet.

Released a year ago, the Leaves’ debut album It’s Too Late Now gained a 4-star review in the Sunday Times, describing them, pretty accurately I suppose, as angular melodic mod-punk.

On July 18th Parliament headliners are the fantastic Proxy Music.


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