St Etienne Contribute to Scott Walker Tribute Album ~ Available Now


Pop Junkie is nothing if not a Scott Walker information service and so I bring to you today news of a tribute album to the great man. Of course, such a thing could be absolute pants, the David Bowie trib given away with Mojo or Uncut a few years back springs to mind, however, I’ve cast a critical ear over the mp3 snippets on Amazon and it sounds really quite promising.

A lot of the names are new to me but not, of course, St Etienne. They are one of only two acts to attempt latter day Scott, with Manhattan from Tilt. It’s a long time since I visited that album, but Sarah, Bob & Pete convince me that maybe I should give it a spin. Manhattan sounds rather delicate, ethereal and beautiful. Jarboe covers A Lover Loves, one of the more accessible tracks from Drift. Otherwise it’s mainly songs from Scott and Scott4

Titled Music Inspired by the Film Scott Walker – 30 Century Man from Lakeshore Records, the soundtrack specialist, it predominantly features female vocalists. The full track listing is:

“Duchess” Peter Broderick
“Big Louise” Sally Norvell
“World’s Strongest Man” Damon & Naomi
“Manhattan” Saint Etienne
“The Electrician” Laurie Anderson
“The Seventh Seal” Nicole Atkins
“Montague Terrace (in Blue)” Dot Allison
“The Bridge” Bee & Flower
“Rhymes of Goodbye” Stephanie Dosen
“It’s Raining Today” Ulrich Schnauss
“A Lover Loves” Jarboe
“Such a Small Love” Little Annie & Paul Walfisch

Stephanie Dosen’s Rhymes of Goodbye sounds particularly wonderful, although the track is a favourite of mine. Not so sure about Sally Norvell’s Big Louise though, which is another of my absolute Scott faves. The orchestral arrangements on all, however, seem lovingly crafted, which is a promising sign.

Anyway, it’s available now via itunes or Amazon but a real disc (CD ~ I don’t think vinyl) will be out early in May. Might well be worth further investigation.


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