Unashamed Plug For Pop Junkie Writer’s Book Launch Tonight!!


Greetings, Pop Junkies. As I write it’s not quite the sunshine spectacular that yesterday was, but who knows, it may yet brighten up. After posting three little blogs yesterday (I hope you’ve read my piece on Suzi Quatro) I took off on my bike to Finsbury Park and sat in the sun preparing for my book launch tonight.

I wasn’t going to mention it, being the modest chap that I am, but Ashley gave me the nod and so why not.

Published by the good people at Blackheath Books the Welsh-based artisan publishers for discerning bibliophiles. Each publication is hand made in limited signed editions of 100 copies. They put out around six a year with the intention of promoting new writers so you’re not going to be able to pick one up at the airport, but if you make the effort you’ll find something stimulating to read on the tube or bus or wherever you do your reading.

My book is called Vic Templar Does His Chunkers. Think of it as a series of postcards (I bloody love postcards) from a life that echoes those of Larry David, Rupert Pupkin and Billy Liar; written under the influence of Keith Waterhouse, John Fante, Jimi Hendrix, several thousand cups of tea, a can of Guinness and the heady aroma of creosote.

Vic plays a round of golf with Tibetan monks…is puzzled by the phrase ‘Women’s Frog Race’…completely forgets the name of his best friend…salutes the penguin who is commander of the Norwegian Army…discusses the perfect cuppa with George Orwell…has a play broadcast by the BBC…allows a sock monkey called Ralph to write his own chapter…and has Bobby Charlton as a dustbinman…

There’s not an awful lot of pop music in the book though there is an essay on my meeting with the great Mitch Mitchell, drummer with the Jimi Hendrix Experience (lest you didn’t know). I did, however, manage to persuade Sammy Davis Jnr to sing the theme song (see video below). Thanks Sam.

This is my fifth such book, though the first to be wholly non-fictional. My debut novel, Taking Candy from a Dog, a fictionalised account of my childhood will be seeking a publisher when I actually get around to sending it to one. Apart from Pop Junkie, I post blogs on myspace and have a website.

Anyway, the launch is at the Apple Tree in Farringdon, London tonight (St George’s Day) from 7pm till closing time. My good pals Iain Aitch (as seen on BBC breakfast TV last Sunday) and Joseph Ridgwell will also be reading. The readings will be short and sweet in two batches around 8.30pm and 10pm. The book is £5 and will be on sale tonight or by post from Blackheath Books.

You and yours will be most welcome.

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