Electric Roulette, Glam Racket & My Mum Start the Suzi Quatro Revival


We’re all friends here on the net trapped inside blogosphere trying to lead normal lives. Every now and again you come across a kindred spirit, you read something that you agree with heartily or perhaps find something that makes you laugh out loud. I am a regular visitor to Electric Roulette, you’ll find them listed on our blogroll. The site is rarely anything less than entertaining ~ a review of the latest Steve Craddock album was hilarious. What they do well is trawl charity shops and pass on the tales of their treasure trove.

Today’s piece on Suzi Quatro by Paul Fuzz is so good I thought I’d best send it your way.

However, Mr Fuzz is not the only Suzi fan out there. I have mentioned my pal Tim Purr before, who lives his life according to the gospel of Glam Rock. He is a resident DJ at Heidi Heelz’s GlamRacket and plays guitar in Eddie Argos & The Vessel’s (David Devant) fantastic glam band Glam Chops. Tim is a huge fan of Suzi as was my Mum.

I got a great response to my post a month ago in praise of my Mum and Dad’s record collection. I made the point that as good as the collection was, it was not entirely representative of their tastes as once three kids came along, paying bills and buying Nesquik, Sugar puffs and fish fingers took precedence over Can the Can and 48 Crash. Nonetheless, my Mum adored Suzi, she loved her sexy rocker image but recognised with her maternal intuition that Suzi was at heart a mom, albeit a mom who loves to rock, just as she was; a kindred spirit.

My own contribution to this piece is my childhood game entitled 48 Crash. Dad cut down and dug out a diseased cherry tree. He took a pick axe and shovel to the soil and dug down down deeper and down (one for the Quo fans). He got every last root out thus creating a crater that looked like we’d been doodle bugged. It seemed massive, but was just deep enough for my eight-year-old-self and five-year-old sister to jump into and clamber out again, so it was 18″, perhaps 2 feet deep! Anyway, the game is to run and jump into this hole, not knowing if you will end up in Australia, and as you jump into the void you shout out as loud as you can 48 CRASH. The single was a hit in August 1973 which I guess dates the game, it was great fun until Dad went and filled the hole in and planted half a dozen rows of spuds.

Anyway, I’m right on board with Paul Fuzz, GlamRacket and Mum ~ We Love Suzi.


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