Happy Easter ~ Why Can’t we Compile a Tenuous Top 10 for Easter?


Christmas is better than Easter isn’t it ~ even with chocolate aplenty, springlike weather and the imminent cricket season. But that still doesn’t quite explain the plethora of Santa celebrations in pop and the absolute dearth of any song remotely connected to Easter. However, I’ve scratched my head and had a go, but be warned, this is a very tenuous Top 10 of Easter related pop.

1. White Rabbit: Jefferson Airplane ~ Not exactly the Easter Bunny, but Grace Slick’s brooding, sinister psychedelic masterpiece remains the greatest of all songs about rabbits!

2. Rabbit: Chas and Dave ~ The second best song on the rabbit theme (Bright Eyes comes in a lame third). Can you imagine what it is like to have neighbours who play this song incessantly? That fate befell me, it proved they had a sense of humour, as we could hear them singing and laughing along to it. We later became great friends.

3. Candy and a Currant Bun: Pink Floyd ~ The b-side of Arnold Layne. Not Syd’s greatest piece of whimsey, but I’m rather partial to it and it is also the only song I can think of about (hot cross) buns.

4. More Songs About Chocolate & Girls: The Undertones ~ The opener from Hypnotised. Now, there’s a great lost 1980s album if ever there was one.

5. Resurrection Shuffle: Ashton, Gardner & Dyke ~ My parents loved this 1971 party hit. However, I’ve always loved Tom Jones’ version, live at Caesar’s Palace, Vegas, in his chicken in a basket heyday.

6. Cross to Bear: Tricky ~ From last year’s Knowle West Boy.

7. Bank Holiday: Blur ~ Starting to get very tenuous, but we do have two of them this weekend.

8. (Good) Friday on my Mind: The Easybeats ~ Covered by Bowie on Pin Ups. Scraping the barrel now.

9. I am the Walrus: The Beatles ~ “I am the eggman”. A pal and I once compiled a top 20 egg related songs for a newspaper competition in Melbourne. It all got rather silly (Je ne omelette rien, The Ballad of John & Yolk).

10. Merry Easter Everybody: Slade “Are you eating hot cross buns till you’re full, it’s the time that every bunny has a ball….”


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