New York Dolls Sell Out 100 Club ~ But Tickets Still Available


You won’t be surprised to hear that the 400 tickets for the New York Dolls gig at London’s world famous 100 Club on Thursday May 14th sold out in a jiffy this morning. Doesn’t bother me, I don’t like them, but it does bother me greatly to see 20 for sale on eBay just a few hours later and three pairs on another site, which I was directed to by the official ticket vendors (“Tickets are sold out here why not try…”).

There is a big difference between buying a couple of tickets for a gig and subsequently finding out you can’t make the date and buying them specifically to flog to some poor sap with more money than sense, or to some poor sap who actually loves the band. Call me soft, but that poor someone could be my pal Tim who lives according to the gospel of glam rock and has loved this band for more than 30 years. If he hasn’t got a £20 ticket and has missed out because of these ‘opportunists’ I shall be rather upset.

Do I hear ‘Law of supply and demand’? Well, it’s laws like that that have got the world economy in the mess it’s currently mired in. You can’t moan at the bankers and property developers and then think that this is okay. You also can’t grouse about the geezers who “buy or sell” at the tube station.

I have no wish ever to see the Rolling Stones in a stadium, or anyone else for that matter, but down in the sweaty dungeon of Oxford Street, that’s a different matter. And it should be for fans; a rare chance to see your gods in a tiny club. Am I an idealist or an idiot?

Sorry, this ‘piece’ wasn’t meant to be about free market economics, I was just going to mention that if you wanted to see the New York Dolls at the 100 Club alas, you’re too late, but that you could still buy the new Todd Rundgren produced album when it comes out on Monday 4th May. The album is called Cause I Sez So. Exactly.


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