The Hot Melts Announce Imminent Debut Album


Wirral quartet The Hot Melts are just completing a short UK tour (final date tomorrow, April 8th, in London) having returned triumphant from the USA where they played SXSW and recorded their debut album in Chicago with Marc McClusky.

You can hear five of the thirteen tracks for yourself on their myspace. With influences ranging from Weezer to Eddie Cochran (can’t quite hear Eddie m’self but top marks for paying your respects to one of the greats) to the films of Wes Anderson their undeniably British sound does bear some US hallmarks. I can hear in their heavyish power pop bits of the Dead Kennedys, Manics, latter day Buzzcocks, Dodgy, Supergrass and even something vaguely psych. Nae bad, my friends.

The eponymous album is released on Worldwide, the UK subsidiary of Epitaph on June 22nd and is preceeded by their third single Big Baby on June 15th.


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