Supergrass and ash at Truck Festival Sounds Almost Tempting


Don’t know about you but I find the Festival to be one of the least enticing methods of listening to music. Oh sure, when the sun shines and you get the opportunity to see The Cardigans, The Fall, JTQ, The Specials (well, four of them not including Jerry or Terry) and the Sex Pistols, as I did on my only afternoon at Phoenix, or Pulp’s legendary stand-in for the hapless Stone Roses at Glastonbury (which I didn’t witness) then I imagine the thought passes through your brain that you should do this sort of thing every weekend.

But such days are surely the exception, aren’t they? Like having a season ticket for a mediochre Fourth Division side who draw mighty Premier League Aston Villa, for example, at home in the Third Round of the Cup and get an 87th minute equaliser that you can tell the grandchildren about. That you lose the replay 5-0 is neither here nor there.

Usually it is chilly, overcast and dull, if not WET. I know all about the english summer. I have spent my adult life playing cricket in it, but we have a pavilion to retreat to when the rain comes.

I guess playing at a festival is wonderful fun. Free booze, VIP tents, rubbing shoulders with the great and good and then performing in front of 150 people in one of the side tents, or 1500, 15000 or 150000 depending on who you are.

Am I a grouch to say that the thought of watching my favourite bands among several thousand others, with queues for beers and portaloos, really doesn’t excite me? Let alone bands that leave me non-plussed?

Anyway, last year I had the fortune to have a nice Sunday out at the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire, don’t ask me where exactly, I wasn’t driving. I found it to be a rather friendly, compact and jolly festival. Plenty of stuff aimed at hippies, but also very family orientated; all quite pleasant.

I was there to see my girlfriend’s band who are rather smashing, as you’d expect me to say, and this year’s headliners have been announced; Supergrass and Ash. Not a fan of Ash, but then again not not a fan either; got a mate who loves them, but Supergrass are bloody magic if you ask me.

Why are Supergrass so under-rated? Or is it just me who thinks they are? Anyway, they headline on Sunday 25th July with Ash topping the Saturday bill. Gaz and the boys are also playing Cheltenham’s Wychwood festival on May 30th and Sellinge festival in Kent on June 6th.


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