Read Your Heart Out ~ The words of one who Cares as much about Music as we do


Here at Pop Junkie we present our broth of words about music. Sometimes breaking news, reviews of discs new and old, Top 10s, rediscovering classic lost gems, perhaps provoking thought, discussion, smiles or rage. Our posts may heartfelt or frivolous, dashed off or mulled over for hours, even days on end. The reason we do it at all, however, is because we bloody love music so much. More than that, it is because we care about music. Written by and for those who if the music is good enough, and it catches you on the right day, it can be your very reason for being.

Someone who cares more than most is Kevin Pearce. Not only that, but KP articulates his love in a way that wholly absorbs the reader into his world. A world where music knows its place; omnipresent alongside literature, youth culture, fashion, film, politics and dance; influencing and influenced by.

I have mentioned Kevin before. He ran Esurient records in the late 1980s, putting out records by The Claim, Jasmine Minks, Hellfire Sermons and Hurrah! and is also name-checked by the Manics as a very early champion of the band. He also produced the renowned Hungry Beat fanzine and the out of print Something beginning with O on Heavenly.

Anyway, this is all by very long introduction to his new, for want of a better word, fanzine Your Heart Out. Like Pop Junkie it is absolutely free. Each online downloadable issue consists of approximately thirty typed A4 sheets, with photos, packed with passionate writing. And this can be on punk, jazz, Brazilian, soul, disco, mod, glam, folk and new wave; just take a quick look at the Your Heart Out Blogspot which gives a nice introduction to several of the mag’s features.

He is prolific; rattling these off at around one a month, he has just published issue five, which can be downloaded here. You won’t have heard of everyone who fires his enthusiasm, but it scarcely matters. The latest issue has been brought to you by the letter M with musings on the Main Ingredient, Motors, Malcolm McLaren and Jeanne Moreau, Milva and Morricone, Marilia Medalha, Letta Mbulu, Mark Murphy, Mixed Nuts, Moonshake, Ella Mae Morse, Marcia Griffiths. Previous and future issues will feature the likes of Vic Godard and the The Subway Sect, Ken Boothe, obscure female jazz and Latin vocalists, the Mo-Dettes, Davy Graham, Fay Hallam, Francoise Hardy and Edwyn Collins and whoever else fires the passions of this singularly talented, and relatively unsung, chap.


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