Pop Junkie’s Dream Blur Set List ~ Part Two ~ In the Park


Okay, so here’s the set list for the Big Blur Bonanza in the parks of Manchester, London and Scotland. First you have to decide whether to do it old school ~ travel light, meet for a few beers beforehand and party like it’s 1995, or go all middle-aged middle-class and take along picnic, picnic rug, fold up chairs, the kids and party like it’s a dress down Glyndebourne.

I’d advocate the former, assuming you’ve got a ticket that is. It’s been a scorcher of a day, but it’s just turning a little fresher as the evening draws in and the band prepare to take the stage. Naturally, there will be some overlap with yesterday’s Blur-lite warm-up set.

For Tomorrow is the opener. Gotta be a big start and this would be perfect. Not only the opener on Modern Life is Rubbish but their best song (the opinion of at least two of us here at Pop Junkie). From here on nothing can go wrong.

I imagine Graham would like to punk it up early, just to get in the groove. My vote is for the little heard Bugman from Blur. Could easily be Crazy Beat instead or early single Popscene.

Stereotypes followed by Coffee and TV. I regard Graham’s C&TV as one of the greatest pop songs of the last 20 years and it may be a waste to use it early in the set, but there’s hardly a shortage of great material.

Maybe time to calm down a little. Might as well follow it with Coxon’s other finest Blur song ~ You’re So Great.

1992 ~ from the same album, I wrote yesterday how much I dig this. An outstanding number from a peerless canon of slow songs. Not likely to make the band’s list, however. Substitute it with Mellow Song if you like.

Beetlebum followed Magpie, the Boys and Girls b-side and a personal favourite. Words by William Blake no less.

There’s No Other Way. Likely to get the crowd partying again. I’ve gone for this over She’s So High. I suppose there’s a chance they’ll play both.

Mr Robinson and his Quango is a surprise choice maybe, but without it, The Great Escape is going to be under-represented. Quite possible that Blur will overlook the album. I’m not selecting House in the Country by the way. Do you think Blur will? Won’t be a loss, they’ve got loads of better songs.

Time for three from Modern Life; pick from Colin Zeal, Villa Rosie, Coping, Star Shaped and Sunday Sunday.

Keep it up beat with Jubilee, first one I’ve picked from Parklife. I remember seeing this clip on tv one Friday night c.May 1994. Put me in a good mood all weekend. Dig Alex’s bass guitar ~ suave fucker (excuse my French).

It should be sunset time around about now. Badhead followed by Young and Lovely. Both exquisite. Wear me Down is my second choice from Leisure. Unlikely to be played this summer, I know.

And that’s it. Low key song to end? Yes, you’re right, but they’re coming back of course.

This is where they play Song 2 followed by Girls and Boys. Wouldn’t be my choice. I’ve never liked the former and have heard the latter way too many times, but let’s face it we’re getting both.

In my dreams, however, they come back on to the mad(cap) and manic Intermission which follows Chemical World on Modern Life is Rubbish. I guess that and Commercial Break get on some people’s nerves, but not mine. I’ve always loved it. Anyway it proves Damon’s got a sense of humour. They follow this with End of a Century and Look Inside America.

They then return for Parklife, which I really have heard enough times, and To the End, which I hope I never tire of hearing. Perhaps the encores are a bit too Parklife-heavy, and no place for Tender, which on reflection I should have included today rather than in yesterday’s list.

You will all have your favourites that I’ve missed. A pal of mine lists Essex Dogs as his favourite Blur track! The set is heavily slanted towards Modern Life is Rubbish, Parklife, Blur and 13, but let’s face it, it’s going to be the best party of this summer. Altogether now, “He’s a twentieth century boy, with his hands on the rails…”


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