Hush ~ Silent Disco in Progress ~ Join the Send Off to the Astoria


The Campaign to Stop the Demolition of the Astoria holds what may well be its final event this Saturday afternoon (28th March) with a Silent Disco outside the venue on the Charing Cross Road. Pop Junkie have been enthusiastic supporters of the Campaign since its inception, as have Kerrang and NME, following the final gig back in January.

Let campaign organiser Jenny Wong give you the deails:

This is it, we’re giving the Astoria its final send off!!!

– Silent Disco
– Outside Astoria
– This Sat 28/03
– Be there 12:45pm
– Bring your music/ipods (& friends)
– Be ready to hit that play button come 1pm!

People can also bring guitars etc. As we plan to party on after the silent disco and there is a possibility that we may be also getting a band down but it is still TBC.

The building is boarded and ready to be knocked down this month, but as to when nobody knows, so lets party up one last time outside and give the Astoria the send off it deserves!

Bring your friends and tell everyone about it, spread the word. We will be around distributing flyers so come say hi! Or give us a hand.

This is the one last time, so be there and mark this time in history! Hope you can all make it!


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