Mr Solo in Session Tonight on Marc Riley’s 6Music Show


Regular readers may think that I spend my life listening to Marc Riley on 6Music and then write urging you to do the same. Not so. It’s true that we do tune in regularly (unless there’s cricket from the Caribbean) as it’s a darn sight better than the telly and the standard of music is as reliable as it ever was when tuning in to Mr Peel. However, we were listening last night and about an hour in he announced that tonight Mr Solo will be in session.

There’s a chance that you know more about him than I do, or at least one of Mr Solo’s previous lives. Artist Mikey Georgeson not only plays in Eddie Argos’ wonderful Glam Chops, he was once, and occasionally still is, aka The Vessel, the singer in David Devant and His Spirit Wife, a cult 90s band, Roxy and Ziggy influenced, famed for their amazing live shows, drawing in a dedicated London/worldwide following.

I only became acquainted with DD&HSW a year ago, seeing them for the first time in west London. It was a great show, highly enjoyable, yet what really appeals to me about Mr Solo is his remarkable ability to write and sing in the manner of Deram-era David Bowie.

I am not the only member of the Pop Junkie team to think that Beckenham Dave’s best material was recorded in 1966 and 1967 when he was a talented young man struggling to get his voice heard. The world wasn’t ready back then to visit the lost magic kingdom he created, twinned with Ray Davies’ village green, but it’s a place I go to regularly. A place for dreamers, inhabited by pretty girls, farmhands and veteran soldiers, where the bicycle is the preferred mode of transport and folk harbour ambitions that one day they might journey to the mythical place called ‘London’. There’s a weird kid, a misfit, who lives in this hamlet called Ziggy, who plans to one day fly into space. Wonderful songs like The London Boys, Love you till Tuesday, Let me Sleep Beside you, Maids of Bond St and Uncle Arthur come from this place.

Apols, that can wait for another day. We’re talking about Mr Solo. Suffice to say that if you too enjoy this early Bowie material, you will love Mr S. Just take a listen to Going Up in Da Whirled on his myspace. A wonderful, wonderful song.

Perhaps I’m doing him a disservice by rabbiting on about Bowie, as there are other influences at work, and like anyone with a vision, he shapes it into something all of his own. Look, just tune in tonight. He’ll be playing songs from his forthcoming album Wonders Never Cease. Riley played the title track last night. It was excellent, a real tantaliser and something to look forward to.


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