What Am I Bid for Jarvis Cocker’s Underpants?


We offer a free service here at Pop Junkie. Just click and read and hopefully enjoy, sometimes enlightened, sometimes amused, perhaps sometimes outraged. However, after yesterday encouraging those of you with a liking for Neil Young to part with $300 for the first volume of his Archives, today we draw your attention to a pair of blue Y fronts, which after 13 bids, currently stand (can Y fronts stand?) on eBay at a not so cool £102.

However, these are not any old pair of pants (a pair ~ there’s only one garment ~ isn’t our language so curious and wonderful?). These pants were the property of J. Cocker Esq, and have been signed by the great man with a chunky black marker pen. You still have seven days left to place a bid. That’s a full week in anyone’s language.

The eBay auction is for a good cause ~ the New North London Synagogue Destitute Asylum Seeker Drop In. Despite what you might read in the Daily Mail (I do hope you don’t read the Daily Mail, apart from the Keith Waterhouse column), asylum seekers are not all scrounging scumbags but are humans seeking a more tolerant and civilised society, having fled from terror, ignorance, rascism, torture and persecution. Anyway, PJ isn’t the forum for politics, though we can support basic human rights.

Other celebrity pants up for grabs include Alison Goldfrapp, Ricky Gervais, Helen Mirren and Jah Wobble.

Right, cheap wisecrack to finish ~ come on girls, get bidding ~ This will definitely be your only chance to see your fella get into Jarvis Cocker’s pants.


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