Introducing Sparky’s Magic Piano ~ Playing in a Town Near You (Providing You Live Near London)


Last September I saw my chums the wonderful Would Be Goods playing in Oxford. The gig was made all the more pleasant by a very nice set from the support duo Sparky’s Magic Piano. Sparky’s are Marion who sings and plays primitive synthy things and a glockenspiel and Pob who plays guitar and does a little bit of singing.

They live at the twee end of the village, which is all right by us and are playing at the Good Ship in Kilburn this Saturday (28th March) and Kentish Town’s Bull and Gate on April 15th. The Grave Architect’s are also on this Saturday’s bill.

If you are new to them, please let me recommend their debut album Feel the Beat and Do It Anyway! which sneaked out last summer. I imagine they’ll be selling some at the gigs. If not you can buy it here. The stand out tracks are Coffee Song, a perky pop song, You Like Her, an acoustic twee ballad and the wistful Saccharine Pop. For those who like electronic pop, albeit naive electronica, you’ve got the album closer Forget It All.

They have two wonderful songs which alas do not feature on the album. Popcorn can be downloaded from Eardrums’ Autumn compilation A Good Crop or here. Eardrums would appear to be a Norwegian label, with a dedication to uncovering good music and marrying it with excellent cover art. It all bears further investigation which I shall undertake and make a full report anon. Popcorn is a zesty little number reminiscent of Marine Research’s fab Parallel Horizontal. In fact Marion’s voice bears good comparison with Amelia Fletcher ~ high praise indeed.

Marion and Pob are keen to play in towns other than London so please make contact and give them a date.

Any Day Now was a highlight of the September gig and will appear on the new album, probably in the autumn. Below is a live clip of Coffee Song. The sound quality is pretty bad, but it’ll have to do for the time being. I think you’ll get the idea.


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