Calling All Neil Young Fans ~ You Better Start Saving Your Pocket Money ~ NY Archives Released June 2nd


Apparently two decades in the planning, the first volume of the Neil Young Archives are to be released by Reprise on June 2nd. The Archive comes in three formats; CD only (8 discs plus booklet), DVD (9 discs plus extra bonus early years disc for pre orders plus full colour 236 page hardbound book) or Blu-ray (ditto)

Click on the link on his website and there comes a message from the man himself in which he suggets you might prefer the Blu-ray edition.

Why? “It’s an old and funky virtual filing cabinet that spans my musical career, from the very beginning into the future”. The future? Yes, for it seems that once purchased, additional material (rare recordings, demos and photographs) can and will be added to your very own personal Neil Young filing cabinet. Naturally, the material will cover Buffalo Springfield, CSNY and Crazy Horse.

If pre ordering, as far as I understand, you will immediately be sent a (unavailable elsewhere) 7″ of his first band, the Hank Marvin & the Shadows influenced, The Squires, plus a Blu-ray preview of disc 0 (the early years). All discs in each format and the book are available individually.

This package is obviously pushing the bondaries on the career overview boxed set and I’m sure we can all think of many that we hope will follow suit. I’m sure the good people at Blu-ray have bunged Neil a fair bit of cash to act as a salesman for the product, but he does appear to have some integrity and my feeling is that this will be a package not only aimed at trawling in a lot of dough, but that it will actually be aimed at the fan. i.e. a genuine feast for genuine fans. Something I wouldn’t feel so confident about in the hands of the Stones, for example.

Two problems for me: a) I haven’t got $300 to spare and b) I’m not a Neil Young fan ~ but I sure wish I was. This sounds like it’s going to be the dog’s turnips and all NY fans had better start saving now.

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