Where did the £7 go? Black Poets, Kaputt, Trailer and Kakuzi @ 93Feet East


By Scruffs

Dig deep in your pocket for seven gold coins for a night of bands at 93 Feet East. Publicised as a Filter magazine event but in fact on arrival it was obvious it had been put on by these guys. The whole £7 for gigs leaves a bad taste in the mouth – it could have been done for a more reasonable price of 3-4 quid and making just as much money, by getting more passers by through the door. Thus generating more of an atmosphere to boot. But, who gives a shit eh?

Black Poets

So the first band and best band of the night was on at 8pm – Black Poets. Dark, deep, raunchy, melodic, adorned in black leather coats.They have really hit the nail on the head with their haunting, angered stage performance. To understand their sound pick Placebo, Editors and Interpol and you have  Black Poets. In some respects run of the mill and nothing original but they are good at what they do and I like them. They have just released there debut album entitled ‘Innocents And Thieves’ and are off on tour around the UK. 8.5/10


After the watershed we were graced with Kaputt. A band I have listened to a lot on MyShite and really quite liked.  Catchy lyrics and hooks – reminding me of Elastica and Ride but with soaring synth lines and other bits and bobs thrown in. They recently played Koko and have done an Xfm session with John Kennedy. Fronted by a female singer
who could play guitar as well as the usual girl on keyboards thing (yes she does both), they run through their set list with less enthusiasm than I think  their pop-fuelled anthems deserve. In the end  I started preferring their myspace page to their actual performance, as then at least I could sit down and have a cup of tea instead of standing up nursing an expensive pint. The most entertaining band member was the uncomfortable guitarist who was
sweating his nuts off and jerking into awkward poses with his guitar strap nearly strangling him making me think I should ask him if he needed help. 7/10


Vrooom! Here comes a swagger! Here come the band who ooze confidence! A little run on the spot? Arms thrust in the air? Laptops?  These guys mean business!!! Sadly they are 10 years too late. Ground breaking? Only because the singer looks
like he’s been dropped on his head at birth, with his hairon  back to front and a face only a mother could love. In terms of musical accolade – if there was a game on the Playstation that could randomly generate a bog standard song in the style of the Music or Kasabian, you’ve got Trailer. You’re gonna need to take a lot of E’s to get through this one – uninventive, cocky, lackluster and primitive I wont bore you any further. 2/10

Although I am supposed to stay here and review the night my girlfriend
was now dragging me out the door as she had enough. So we missed the
last band, sorry Kakuzi, but the way the night was going we were glad


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