Ten Bands Apart From The Stone Roses that Won’t Be Reforming


The Stone Roses website has already begun to quash the rumour that it (and the rest of the world) picked up on yesterday morning. Yes, even we saw fit to spread the word (sceptically).

A spokesperson for Ian Brown said today, ‘We know nothing about a reunion. Ian is working on his new studio album which is due out later this year.’

Of course that could be a smokescreen, a double bluff, or the whole thing could be along the lines of the ‘Elvis to Come to Britain’ stories that surfaced every year in the early 70s tabloids.

So, here are another ten bands that won’t be reforming…

1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience ~ Last Played: June 29th 1969

Why? The first great rock or pop act to lose all members following drummer Mitch Mitchell’s death last November.

Could it happen? Was Jimi irreplacable? Of course he was. If Mitch and bassist Noel were still with us and the money was right could anyone do it? Lenny Kravitz on a very very good day? Mitch performed with Billy Cox, Noel’s replacement, and Gary Moore in a Hendrix tribute in the last year of his life. Phil Lynott was lined up in the early 80s to play Jimi in a biopic. Of course, they may be reunited at this very moment for all we know. RIP fellas ~ you were the best and here’s the proof.

2. The Smiths ~ Last Played: 1987

Why? Johnny Marr left the band and replacements were considered before it all ended in tears big time.

Could it happen? Even if Morrissey and Marr were to take the stage again it’s unlikely they would do so with drummer Mike Joyce, who seems to have also alienated Andy Rourke. Fans would settle for Morrissey and Marr with Chas and Dave (I expect Chas can drum a bit). True fans would hope that it never happens.

This clip is fun it features some chap called Paul Morressey!!!

3. Badfinger ~ Last played: Depends which line-up.

Why? Absolutely the most tragic band in the history of pop. Too sad for words. Hugely talented, championed by McCartney, signed to Apple, seen in the wake of the Fab Four’s split as natural successors, wrote Nilsson’s maga mega worldwide hit Without You, yet business and management problems eventually drove both Pete Ham (in 1975) and Tom Evans (in 1983) to hang themselves. Incredibly, a group called ‘Badfinger’ did continue after each suicide.

Could it happen? No.

4. ABBA ~ last Played: 11th December 1982

Why? Divorce, successful solo careers, they’d already done it all with bells on.

Could it happen? I suppose it could but it won’t. They don’t need the money.

5. The Clash ~ Last played: 1986

Why? Drummer Topper Headon had already been booted out and Strummer and Jones began to feud. Few bands fizzle out or make a mutual decison to quit. In most cases it is pals who love each other who gradually grind each other into the dust from years of touring and endless hours in the studio.

Could it happen? Well it shouldn’t. Joe’s early death in December 2002 should be the end, but stranger things have happened. Draft in Mick’s mate Pete (sorry, Peter) Doherty….? Paul Simonon rightly put the kybosh on the Hall of Fame reformation prior to Joe’s death and hopefully he will be the guardian of sense in future instances.

6. The Byrds ~ Last played: 1973 (or 1990)

Why? It was a long time ago, they were crazy times man.

Could it happen? Maybe. Original members Gene Clark and Michael Clarke are no longer with us. Dave Crosby and Chris Hillman are reported to be interested but Roger ‘Jim’ McGuinn isn’t. Draft in Sid Griffin on guitar and Andy Morten on drums, it’d be a gas. Alas, even if it happened, it wouldn’t generate the big interest that say Cream, Zep and Arthur Lee enjoyed.

7. The Crucial Three ~ Last played: Never

Why? The group consisted of Julian Cope, Pete Wylie and Ian McCulloch. They never played, perhaps never rehearsed, yet have become legendary basically because they told us they were.

Could it happen? No, absolutely not.

8. The Teardrop Explodes ~ Last played: 1982?

Why? Cope, Dave Balfe and Bill Drummond were never going to last for long.

Could it happen? Cope says never and I’m inclined to believe him. However, rather like Mark E Smith and The Fall if it’s Julian and your granny on bongos and they’re playing Treason then it’s the Teardrop Explodes. Bring it on I say.

9. The Jackson Five ~ Last Played: 1989

Why? Blame it on the boogie…and dad…and Michael…

Could it happen? Of course it could happen. Michael has a lot of tickets to sell. I know this is a minority opinion, but his best stuff was done with his brothers (give me ABC, I want you back, Show you the way to go or Can you feel it over Billie Jean any day).

10. Rolling Stones ~ Last played: 26 August 2007

Don’t worry folks, I’m only joking – The last tour only pulled in $437million there’s a few more bucks to be squeezed out before the Last Time. Anyway, not seen that crazy cat Brian lately maan, can’t we get him back in the band?


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