10 bands you should follow on Twitter (plus one fake Nick Cave)


Bands and musicians are flocking to Twitter like there’s no tomorrow, keen to make the most of a new technology that allows them to engage directly with fans (by telling them they’ve just eaten a cheese sandwich).

You’ll know this if you read our mammoth ‘all the bands on Twitter’ post last month – from an original list that can be found as a Google doc here.

It listed hundreds of bands, but which ones should you actually follow? To help, we’ve rounded up 10 of the more entertaining music artists on Twitter. Well, 11 if you count Nick Cave, whose Twitter feed is clearly a fake, but a very entertaining one.

Oh, and yes, we know they’re mostly individual musicians rather than bands. But anyway.

1. Billy Bragg. Good for finding out where he’s playing and which media outlets he’s been writing for. Sample tweet: “Free Jail Guitar Doors gig tonight. Me and others. Gaslight at the Wishing Well, 5 Tottenham Lane, London N8 9DJ. Tiny venue. 7.30pm.”

2. Snoop Dogg. Is it him? We think so, even if it’d be fairly easy to parody Snoop’s style. Sample tweet: “Done shootn. Kiccn it with the homey in the rvizzle chuccccchhhh!!!”

3. Lily Allen. Updates regularly, and talks about what she’s actually up to, rather than just pimping product. Sample tweet: “Eating some fucked up chicken souffle shit, on the eurostar heading home again. Oh well better than a poke in the eye with a shitty stick.”

4. Mike Skinner. A man of few words, in contrast to his recorded output. Still worth following though. Sample tweet: “In order to engage my left brain so the right can free associate I am chopping wood with an axe. Words will flow today”

5. Justin Hawkins. Of The Darkness fame, and now of Hot Leg. Reviewers beware! Sample tweet: “David Pollock can eat my arse and balls. Irrelevant review which insulted the Hot Leg fans. One less retard for the guest list methinks!”

6. Britney Spears. No, really. After a dodgy start, Britney’s feed is regularly updated by both the star and her people (of which there are many). Sample tweet: “Went shopping in Coral Gables, bought some purses and sunglasses! – Britney”

7. Dave Grohl. Another feed you might expect to be fake, but seems real AND chatty. Sample tweet: “Old fart here´s forty already, ahead expiration time. Kidding, I feel like I´m still 17, only with lots of facial hair.”

8. MC Hammer. Yes! Sample tweet: “Can you comprehend captivity being held captive ? My Dance is my mask… I speak in part..give me that water!.. my old house?..Many Mansions”

9. Jake Shears. Giving a good insight into the next Scissor Sisters album, by way of pet-related anecdotes. Sample tweet: “My bod is achin’. My dog crapped all over the studio. Flubbed what could have been a good chorus. I’d better like watchmen tonight. Or else.”

10. Trent Reznor. The Nine Inch Nails star is one of the most web-savvy musicians around. And he’s not afraid of a fight. Sample tweet: “You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell’s record? Jesus.”

And the bonus Fake Nick Cave… Here’s some of his sample tweets:

“Writing a Facebook note of my own. “Done is the kissing — now all that remains is to sail forever upon the stain.”

“At the shoot for the Meow Mix commercial. If I hear the director say “release the cats!” one more time and wink at me meaningfully, I’ll cry”

“Testing March menu at Murder Salads. “Plain Cold Herring”? Disconcerted.”

“Getting ready for my first acupuncture appointment. I need to be rid of Mick’s hurtful energy.”

“Drunk-dialed again by Nina Hagen.”


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