Bring Them Tea, Bring Them Coffee ~ Art Brut are Alcoholics Unanimous


Feeling bright and breezy on this beautiful sunny Monday morning? Yep, me too, however, poor old Eddie Argos seems to be nursing a huge hangover.

Following my recent Pop Junkie post which announced the brand new Frank Black-produced Art Brut album, Art Brut v Satan, I have great delight in introducing you to the new single, Alcoholics Unanimous, to be released on 6th April.

I can barely believe that you’re new to Art Brut, but if so, I can tell you that they are Britain and Germany’s premier torch-bearers of power pop. Formed with the specific intention to play on Top of the Pops (an unfulfilled ambition) by Argos, a man, like Jarvis Cocker, unsuited to do anything else but lead a band.

Argos proves to be an enigmatic and charismatic front man, whose witty spoken-word lyrics detail the concerns of every twenty-something ~ love, clothes, compilation cassettes, nakedness, fancying someone with no intention of ever doing anything about it, booze, fights, day dreams and er, bungled robberies by Italian terrorists.

He is backed by a loyal team which includes drummer Mikey Breyer, who plays a full kit standing up. Mikey is also seen sporting a rather dandy moustache in the new video. (The band photo features an Eddie-less Art Brut but with bonus monkey).

So, for those new to Art Brut I am pleased to give you a two-for-one deal, with their magnificent and very funny debut single ~ Formed a Band.


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