Specials Reunion Latest ~ Jerry’s Knocking on the Door and Hears “You Can’t Come In”


Call for Judge Roughneck ~ come and bash a couple of heads together and sort out this stupid marriage. I have been following this story with growing tedium via the NME. Now Jerry has his latest say in the Guardian. It goes like this: Jerry said Terry won’t let him in, Terry says how could Jerry possibly imagine that, John has begged Jerry every night for a year, Jerry says John hasn’t spoken to me once. Someone has had his shoelaces tied together and someone else has had his favourite biscuit reduced to crumbs. Perhaps Akela could sort them out?

This is just so unseemly. Such bickering may make for good publicity for the Gallaghers, but this just comes across as pathetic (or handbags, to use football parlance). A ‘Specials’ have have been playing on and off down the years ~ just that they’ve done it without Terry Hall and Jerry Dammers. As a result the reaction has ranged from nonplussed to apathetic. Now that Terry is donning the Tonik again it’s the hottest ticket in town, yet I imagine a good many of those were sold on the assumption that this was for The Specials i.e. with both Terry and Jerry in accordance with the rumour that has been bouncing around for at least a year.

Heck, I don’t know why I’m making a fuss, I haven’t got a ticket (my little sis has, lucky blighter), but they are special. As important to not only my generation, but to succeeding generations, both for their music and their politics. This band stood for something, meant something. Their battles were won, their legacy assured. I’m sure they won’t be, but even if the gigs are crap, who really cares? What the band did thirty years ago is strong enough to withstand a few fifty year olds arguing over a milk spillage.

For younger readers we used to have this Prime Minister called Mrs Thatcher and if you think Mr Brown is a bad man, well….and another thing, our country wasn’t as tolerant back then, there was a lot of racial unrest

A lot of (young) people didn’t like what was going on, but had no voice, no direction. The likes of Rotten and Strummer started it, but The Specials, two or three years later, channelled it. They gave us a direction. Not the first multi-racial band, but their message was clear; Two Tone (their record label), black and white, co-existing. Yes, some of the ‘fans’ were too dimwitted to understand, they were violent times, but the campaign to rid football, the media and society of racism can trace its roots back to Two Tone and The Specials. They were the best dressed band ever and made f***ing great music too (am I allowed to say that?). A band can make a difference to people’s lives, the paths of nations can be altered. They were that important. Ask Nelson Mandela what he thinks of Jerry Dammers and his music.

If I were a betting man I’d have a flutter on them kissing, making up, having a party, playing great gigs and then falling out again. Come on fellas grow up and sort it out, earn a few quid and enjoy yourself …

…it’s up to you.


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