June Dates for Jarvis ~ London, Brighton, Glasgow and, er, Blackpool!


If, like me, you regard Jarvis Cocker as something of a kindred spirit, cultural guru and surrogate older brother, yet didn’t but his debut solo album, well perhaps you’d like to assuage any feelings of guilt right now. The Pop Junkie I Still Love Jarvis confession booth is open. Forgiveness isn’t guaranteed, but it may make you feel a little better about yourself.

However, it would probably be of more use all round to invest in his second album set to be released around about the time the Pulp hero plays four dates on a mini jaunt around the isle. Following six gigs in Europe, Jarv will play:

June 10 Empress Ballroom, Blackpool
June 12 ABC, Glasgow
June 16 Dome, Brighton
June 17 Troxy, London

I am sure readers in Blackpool will forgive the incredulity, but the good people in Gillingham, Mansfield, Plymouth, Lincoln and a few hundred other hamlets will be thinking why Blackpool? Anyway, good for you. I saw The Smiths in Margate so I guess Jarv can do Blackpool.

It is not yet known whether he will be wearing the Captain Birdseye whiskers that he has been sporting of late or whether he’ll get his bloody hair cut for the occasion, but I guess he’s old enough to know what he’s doing. Dear Jarvis, I promise to buy the new album. Am I forgiven?


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