It’s Trunk Time ~ Next Week in London


Just got an invitation from Jonny Trunk, who is hosting four nights of jolly fun at the Shunt Lounge next week. It’s at Joiner Street, at London Bridge Station. You can go too.

In case you are unaware, Trunk records are the specialists in soundtracks & TV (Kes, Postgate, Tomorrow People, Bod, Wicker Man etc), jazz, folk, esoteric electronica, library music, ‘The Ladies Bras’ and the wonderfully titled Mike Sammes adverts comp, Music for Biscuits. Jonny also produces super exclusive official  Vision On t-shirts.  His website is an ideal browsing place to while away a wet Tuesday afternoon (as I write it is Wednesday and sunny, that’s by the by). It’s the online equivalent of a wonderful old junk shop that I used to visit in Broadstairs 20-odd years ago.

More on the wonders of Trunk another day. Anyway, let Jonny give you next week’s rundown:

1) Wednesday March 11th – A Ghost Box happening. Hauntology DJs Jim Jupp (Belbury Poly), Julian House (Focus Group), Broadcast (doing an improv thingy) Woebot, Jonny Trunk and some other funny things will be going on, like old spooky TV and that. There may even been a grown up version of a Music And Movement class if I get drunk enough. £5.

2) Thursday March 12th – An Underwater happening. Jonny Trunk will be playing deep sea diving and sharky soundtracks all night. Expect bubbles, skin divers and who knows what else. Come drown your joy and / or sorrows in sound. I’m going, so it’s bound to be good. £5.

3) Friday March 13th – A Beatnik happening. Yeah, grab that cravat daddio, as Shunt welcomes you to a night of action painting, art film, beat poetry, berets, bongos and maybe even a panto cow. Well you never know. It will be anything but Dullsville. DJs Martin Green, Jonny Trunk and Jarvis if he turns up. £10, closes at 3am

4) Saturday March 14th – A Disco happening. It’s unlikely you made it down to Studio 54 back in the late 70s, so come here. Expect disco dollies, roller girls, Joan Collins, some sort of fashion thing and loads of other sexy stuff. Hopefully someone will turn up in a leotard. DJs Joel “Disco” Martin (Quiet Village) and Jonny Trunk. £10, closes at 3am

Please note, Shunt is very very busy on Fridays and Saturdays. And pretty busy on Wednesdays and Thursdays too. It is always advisable to get there early – like before 8pm. It is also advisable, especially on Friday and Saturday to dress up a bit – like look beatniky or disco like on the right night as it will make it so much more fun and just better in every way.Shunt have also now got a Club Scanner at the entrance. So in order to get in you need ID, like a credit card or something.

Might see you there then. Best wishes, Jonny.

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