I’m a 52 Year Old Man ~ Happy Birthday Mark E Smith


I shouldn’t think he is bothered one iota, but one of the pitfalls of writing a song called ’50 Year Old Man’ for your 50th birthday and it becoming a favourite at every gig thereafter is that the sort of anoraks who follow your band religiously will note the date by counting down the years with the assiduity of mediaeval monks. (If you have never been on The Fall’s website take a look ~ it is the fan site by which all others must be judged).

So, Mark E Smith of The Fall is 52 today (March 5th) and having declared Scott, Jarvis, Vic Godard, Billy Fury and Dusty as heroes of some sort over the last week or so, I have to also say that MES is another of my musical touchstones.

Fifty-one was a good year for MES with the publication of his highly-acclaimed and hilarious ghosted autobiography, Renegade and the release of Imperial Wax Solvent, which continued the current trend (since Country on the Click) for Fall albums to be at the better end of the spectrum. It was also the year that he got to meet me, but that’s another story.

Here’s to another vintage year and hope you get to celebrate in a manner you think fit.


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