New Shindig! on the Shelves ~ Pretty Things, Kevin Ayers, Tim Rose, Count Five & Funkadelic


What begun life as a photocopied fanzine by Jon Mills some 15 or 16 years ago is now one of the big players in the music mag world. Following its relaunch and worldwide distribution deal in 2007, the beautifully produced (by Mills and co-editor Andy Morten) Shindig! Vol 2, Number 9 is now on the shelves.

The magazine specialises in psychedelia, garage, beat, powerpop, soul, glam and folk from the 1963 Mersey explosion to punk, with, naturally, a little overspill either side. The Shindig! twist is that it highlights the lesser known faces who are overlooked or forgotten whenever the likes of Mojo, Uncut or Q visit the region. Thus, those who were big players for a brief moment back in the day, or up-and-coming firebrands for whom, Lady Luck never passed their way: Shindig!’s roster of enthusiasts track them down and give them some due.

Articles are in-depth and knowledgeable, often encompassing a contemporary interview with a character close to the source and, of course, can set you on a trail of discovery to a band or artist you never knew you shared the planet with.

Previous issues have included Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Zombies, Moby Grape, The Sonics, Mitch Mitchell, The Dukes of Stratosphere, The Move, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band among many others.

Here’s a few who you can find in the latest issue on the shelf of your local WH Smiths, Borders or by mail order. Apart from Alice Cooper and the She Trinity there’s a six-page interview with Soft Machine’s Kevin Ayers. Here’s the boy on the Whiste Test with the rather delightful May I?

Count Five, San Jose’s answer to the Yardbirds with their Nuggets classic Psychotic Reaction.

Far from dipping their toes into psychedelia, Britain’s r’n’b kings, The Pretty Things dived head first into the pool.

Funkadelic, dig!

Tim Rose, known for his versions of Hey Joe and Morning Dew.

And a tribute to the late great Oliver Postgate.


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