Wendy Richard’s secret Beatle past


I loved Wendy Richard I really did. From Mrs Brahms in Are You Being Served through to her appearances in On The Buses and The Likely Lads she had that late 60s early 70s wide eyed innocent Dolly Bird persona down to a tee. Her voice was also one of the most distinctive on British television and, if you check Wikipedia, she was also a pretty decent person even if she did have a bit of thing about Magaret Thatcher.

One thing that most Pauline Fowler fans probably don’t know though is that Wendy also had a pretty good Beatles connection. According to her biography she spent a couple of days on the set of the movie Help playing a charactar based on Lady Macbeth for a scene with Frankie Howerd. Director Dick Lester wasn’t however too impressed and the footage didn’t make the final cut. It is however on the extras bonus DVD on the 2007 Help reissue.

Wendy’s other great pop connection was that she actually had a number one single in 1962 alongside a British rock and roller called Mike Sarne. The track features a fantastic dialogue between the pair of them which is dominated by Wendy’s unmistakebale accent.

More pics here

RIP Wendy


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