Art Brut v Satan ~ I Know Who My Money’s On


I should really have sat on this till I had more details to hand but Art Brut excite me like no band since Pulp’s heyday. I basically have no more to convey to you than Eddie Argos and co have a new album, their third, set for release on 20th April tantalisingly called Art Brut v Satan.

Prior to that, the new single Alcoholics Unanimous is released on 6th April. It was previewed last night (Thursday 26th Feb) on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show. You can listen to it here and will find it 31 mins into the show. It bears all the hallmarks of classic Art Brut; Buzzcockian power-pop, Argos-angst turned into great lyrics and a rousing chorus “I’ve been up all night – I’ve been making mistakes – bring me tea – bring me coffee”.

I love it. More details anon. Have a smashing weekend.


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