Bang! This is How You Start a Career ~ Track One Side One of Roxy Music’s Debut


I have already written here about Roxy Music’s impact when they first sensationally landed on planet earth somewhere around 1972 when reviewing the excellent Proxy Music a few weeks ago. But it bears repeating ~ John Peel rated them as the band he thought the most original; the band whose roots could not be pinned down, who seemed to come from nowhere.

But, of course, all bands have to start somewhere and Roxy started with a song called Re-make/Re-model. This is the first in a series where I shall highlight those who have truly grasped the nettle. Some great bands never got the chance to make an album, many shabby ones have, but the point is, when you get the chance you have to take it. This is your chance to announce to the world how great you are. Give it the kitchen sink, all guns blazing; we want Krakatoa, Godzilla and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Track one, side one, should be your statement of intent, first impressions and all that.

Re-make/Re-model is not only still an exciting track, thirty-seven years on, it has the requisite frisson in spades; the promise that not only the next four minutes of your life are going to be put to good use, but that you are going to immediately want to hear it again with the realisation that you have just fallen in love with a new band. And what could possibly be better than that? (what? oh that. Yes, well if you consider him or her more important than music, then yes maybe).

It still sounds so damn left field and if that is not enough, without it/them we wouldn’t have had post-punk (Magazine, Banshees, PiL, Joy Division), Human League, Pulp, Radiohead, Portishead, Air, The Associates, Franz Ferdinand

Released two months before their debut single Virginia Plain, this truly is the first howl of a brand new music.


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