The Making of Super Furry Animals’ Ninth Album Captured on Film in all its Excitement


As a drummer who has met with a modicum (that may be stretching it actually) of success in various bands, I can tell you that the most tedious aspect of being in any band is being in the studio. Guitarists will tell you differently, but you now have the opportunity to decide for yourself courtesy of the Welsh Wonders, The SFA.

They are currently on Day Three of a 21-day project whereby they will post a film chronicling the creative process in all its aspects, be it mixing, overdubbing or having a game of darts. Inspired apparently by Warhol (hugely overrated in my book) and Mike Figgis’ Timecode, each film is composed of separate shots from four different cameras.

As the band says it’s “a celebration of the banal nature of the mixing process” but don’t let that put you off. The album, as yet untitled, has a digital release on 16th March with its ‘proper’ (CD & I presume vinyl) release on 13th April via Rough Trade.


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