Great Lost Singles ~ Parade by Torch & White


We’ve had this up our sleeve for a few weeks, but who’s counting days when this gem has been gathering dust for the past quarter of a century. With Pass the Dutchie at Number 1, having knocked the execrable Eye of the Tiger off the top spot, the second single by Roy White and Steve Torch entered the Hit Parade (the Top 75 I think it was back then). By the time that Culture Club knocked Musical Youth off the summit it had disappeared, having peaked at number 54.

It will not take long for you to realise the appeal of Parade to Pop Junkie. If you had told me this was a track from Scott’s Climate of Hunter I would have immediately dug out my copy, surprised that there is something so good within. (By the way, did anyone else think it was called Climate of the Hunter? I did for years and I was one of the 32 people who bought it. It is allegedly Virgin’s worst-selling album ever, which I’ve always found slightly unbelievable when you consider some of the tosh they put out. We can come back to that another day).

I digress, but it must be said that we are witness to the World’s Best Scott Walker karaoke (and that is not meant to be churlish – it is very high praise). We are not the first on the net to wonder what could have been for this pair who emerged from Liverpool’s Pink Military. A Peel session, several tv appearances (including The Tube), and a look melding several Bowie eras (Thin White Duke, Heroes & Let’s Dance), the climate should have been ideally suited to such an act, but like many others, something just didn’t click with Joe Public. Perhaps talent and great songs…?

Miracle sounds a little too Trevor Horn for my ears, but Heartbeat and Who’s Asking You are also worth checking out as is the excellent Blood and Alcohol by The Truemen, which is (as far as I can ascertain) the current aka of Roy White.


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