Isn’t She Lovely? ~ Sandie Shaw Sings Harry Nilsson


I have just stumbled across this beautiful segue of Harry Nilsson songs from the delightful Sandie Shaw.  Dated 1972, we find Ms Shaw at a bit of a low ebb. After huge success as a teenager, with a Eurovision victory briefly propping up a sagging career, it is now three years since her last hit. She wants to do more adventurous work, but her managers and label advise against it.

A year earlier she had had her first baby and the hiatus as a pop star had already begun. Although she released singles as late as ’72 on Pye, neither of these tracks featured.  So, I am unaware of the genesis of this clip. I had never heard of the show before: 2G’s and the Pop People. Probably a short-lived BBC2 showcase in the manner of Colour Me Pop. Was the producer a fan, or did he have to be begged to give yesterday’s star one last shot at the big time?

Sandie is now 25 and looks gorgeous, but is wistful, resigned, vulnerable, yet also a little self-assured. Perhaps she has just released herself from the chains of the pop carousel and says I’ll show ya what you’re missing? I just find it an exquisite performance and wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy ~ consider it all part of the service.


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