How About This for a Lost Pop Classic from Barry Adamson


I was very pleased with the response to my Magazine blog on Friday. I was the only one who liked them at my school, and though I managed to convert a couple of pals, I haven’t met too many people down the years who have claimed them as a favourite. Then again, my own attentions have been diverted away from Howie and co for the best part of that time. Now, it seems everyone I talk to is geared up for the reunion.

So, in the lead up to the Magazine tour (which starts tonight in Oxford) I find that Dave Formula has been grooving along nicely in a Jimmy Smith vein of late. Well worth checking out ‘In Bloom’ on his myspace.

Bassist Barry Adamson, has met with the most success post-Magazine. An early Bad Seed he is now regarded as an accomplished composer of (John) Barryesque film scores and was the Southbank’s Artist in Residence at the 2007 London Jazz Festival. Among his solo projects is 1996’s Oedipus Schmoedipus, a near-classic album which features a barnstorming collaboration with Jarvis; Set the Controls for the Heart of the Pelvis.

Around this time last year he was preparing to release an album called Back to the Cat and took from it a download-only single, Straight ’til Sunrise. Not the strongest or smoothest voice in the world, but this can hold its head high against any breezy, summer, crooning pop classic.


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