Rock’n’Roll Legend & Cramps Frontman Lux Interior is Dead


The news has just broken from the States that Lux Interior has died of a pre-existing heart condition. Born Eric Lee Purkhiser on 21st October 1948 (or maybe ’46), Lux alongside his wife Poison Ivy formed the Cramps around 1976, finding a niche with the nascent New York punk scene based around CBGBs.

With an Adams Family/psycho-Elvis/Rocky Horror look the band built a reputation for their wild shows of primal rockabilly and found a strong loyal following for lovers of anything gonzo, horror, punk, schizo, werewolf, zombie, psycho-sexual, Russ Meyer, John Waters, voodoo, vampire, burlesque, b-movie, sci-fi, surf, junk, trash, transvestite, gore and goth. In fact, The Cramps were just the antidote for thousands disenfranchised by the dreary 1980s.

I cannot pretend to be a fan, but I have a lot of close friends who are going to be mighty sad to hear this news, and in a week when we seem to have been doing nothing but mark sad anniversaries another rock’n’roll Great enters the pearly gates.


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