So Long, John Martyn: 1948~2009


Following just six weeks after the death of Davey Graham, another great and hugely influential guitarist, singer and songwriter, John Martyn has also passed away, aged 60.

That he was a major artist is not in question. Like many of his ilk, the fame, accolades and wealth went to others, but his music influenced so many including REM, Beth Orton, St Etienne, Robyn Hitchcock and Matt Deighton. He was a long-term collaborator with Danny Thompson and, like many true artists, he hated the labels pasted to him, not wanting to straitjacket his music under the banners of ‘folk’ or ‘blues’.

Solid Air, his best-known album, with its title song dedicated to friend and label-mate Nick Drake, will keep his name alive for a long time to come and here is a Whistle Test performance of May You Never from said album. RIP.


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