The Junipers Session Tonight on Marc Riley


Just in case you didn’t know, be sure to tune-in to Marc Riley tonight on BBC 6 as hea features a session from the Leicester quintet, The Junipers. Fans of dreamy, wistful, gentle, melodic pschedelic pop a la The Hollies or The Zombies (with hints of Badfinger or Simon & Garfunkel) will not be disappointed. In fact, you beam with delight at your new discovery.

I hadn’t checked their myspace page for a while but four songs from their recent Cut Your Key album are showcased, including the current single Gordie Can’t Swim (see a live version below). I haven’t been so instantly transported to a cornfield picnic, with a bottle of cider cooling in a stream, since Matt Deighton’s lost folk masterpiece Villager, back in 1995.

They play Fuel in Manchester on February 7th and following Pop Junkie’s bold claim for The Virgins this morning, I shall be equally bold and say that I shall be absolutely bloody delighted if I hear anyone as good as this for the remaining 11 months of the year.

Why, they even have a delightful wise owl as a mascot.


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