New St Etienne Single Method of Modern Love Imminent


Did you ever think you would live in an age where St Etienne are regarded as veterans? Perhaps we’re not there yet, but the evergreen Cracknell, Wiggs and Stanley are approaching two full decades in showbusiness. Despite having ploughed their collective energies into film of late, they emerge with a new Moroder-esque single, due for a 9th February release.

Method of Modern love comes in three formats, with the first 500 of each autographed and hand-numbered by a different Saint: Sarah signs the 7″, with Bob and Pete lending their signatures to one of two CDs. A video has yet to be premiered, but you can listen via the band’s website London Conversations. Let’s wish it a long and healthy climb up the Hit Parade.


It’s also an ideal excuse to show you this wonderful title sequence from St Etienne’s 2007 film, This is Tomorrow, chronicling the refurbishment of the Royal Festival Hall. The b-side of the 7″ and Bob’s CD feature this track (presumably in two different versions).


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