Do You Wanna be in Art Brut Eddie’s Gang? Glam Chops for Eurovision


Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran, back in 1977, couldn’t have put it better; “Where are we – rock bottom.” There have been precious few pearls among the lame swine of Britain’s efforts in the tawdry and corrupt, yet still ever so glitzy, annual campfest that is Eurovision. Until now, that is. For none other than Eddie Argos, leader of the wonderful Art Brut, proposes to lay waste to our continental cousins and bring some Class A pop, not to mention FUN, back into the competition with his glam rock band, Glam Chops.

The Chops have been doing their thing for about a year, and also feature the likes of David Devant, Tim Purr, Paul Guided Missile plus dancers the Panther Girls, and are primed for European glory. You can back the campaign by joining the Facebook group Glam Chops for Eurovision.


Londoners can go a stage further and pop along to the capital’s hottest Glam revival night, GlamRacket, at the Lexington next Thursday. Only £3 entry or £1.50 if suitably attired, with a live show from the fantastic, ultra-highly recommended Proxy Music.


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