Pop Junkie Says Hats Off to Mr O & Best of British Luck


It’s a special day, of that there can be no doubt. For a day or so the economy can take a back seat as we all wonder just what miracles Barack Obama is going to conjure. He’s going to need plenty of luck but there’s a lot of goodwill wishing him on.

Here’s five little tunes to mark the day, very much a personal choice.

1. The Fifth Dimension: Good News – A pop classic in anyone’s book, but possibly not too well known. I had to make this clip up in a hurry to get it on youtube. A Bones Howe production and dig those drums, I bet the man wielding the sticks is Hal Blaine. Certainly not the last you’ll be reading about this lot on Pop Junkie.

2. Chuck Berry: Back in the USA – From the days when he truly rocked and rolled. Like a non-nauseous version of the Springsteen number.

3. The Rolling Stones: Happy – From the days when they truly were the Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World (just about). Of course, this song isn’t about the inauguration of Mr O, but heck the title says it all. One of Keef’s finest moments. Let the party begin.

4. Elvis: Oh Happy Day – Better versions out there, you can search for yourself, but this is The King.

5. Aretha Franklin: I Say a Little Prayer – Wonderful, exquisite, this simply had to go in. It’s a day to make a wish and say our own little prayer. Amen.

And finally, Mr John Waters, the film director, has his own little message for the new President.

God Bless America.


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