Musebin is our new favourite Music 2.0 site


The greatest short album review of all-time is, of course, Charles Shaar Murray’s review of Lee Hazelwood’s ‘Poet, Fool or Bum’ in the NME in 1973. In full: “Bum.” An honourable second place goes to music blog Pitchfork’s review of Jet’s ‘Shine On’ – no text, just a YouTube video of a chimp urinating into its own mouth.

However, we’re getting very excited about a new website called Musebin, set up purely for people to post short, snappy reviews of albums. How short and snappy? 140 characters. It’s like Twitter, but purely for ranting (not at length) about music. Ace!

The site has just come out of private beta, so you can sign up here. There are already some reviews that put the professional critics to shame. Such as this verdict on Snow Patrol’s ‘A Hundred Million Suns’: “What happened to you, Snow Patrol? You went from great to good to horrid.”.

Or this on the new Animal Collective album: “Sounds like: naked electric people jumping around the wilderness, wildly gesticulating, like if Walt Whitman was driven mad by Socrates.” Or this: “Chinese Democracy: What a piece of fucking shit.” Or… Well, you get the point. Now get scribbling.


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