Britney Spears recruiting Web 2.0 guru


Kudos to Britney Spears (or her people) for launching a Twitter feed – she’s got more than 21,000 followers already, and that’s without actually tweeting much since Christmas. Admittedly, she may have been put off by the recent hack attack that saw someone break into her Twitter account and post a juvenile message about her down-belows (“razor-sharp teeth” apparently).

Anyway, Britney’s push into Web 2.0 seems set to continue this year, judging by a job ad looking for someone to work as her ‘2.0 Media Manager’. The job involves sorting Britney’s Twitter presence, but also MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, adding new content and “engaging with fans” (i.e. countering rumours that the star has gone batshit-mental in Hollywood again).

It’s a sign of how seriously big artists are now taking Twitter, Facebook and the rest, seeing them as an important direct channel of communication with their fans (not to mention a good way to plug whatever it is they’re promoting at the time).


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