EMI wants to be Last.fm (kind of)


Major label EMI has relaunched its website in a Web 2.0 stylee. The revamped EMI.com now offers all manner of audio-streaming video-playing music-discovering social-networking goodness, based mainly around its own artists, of course.

You could interpret it as EMI trying to take on independent sites like Last.fm, Imeem and even MySpace. The label says that’s not the case though: “EMI.com is designed to be a learning lab. It will help us gain even more knowledge about consumers’ preferences and choices,” says the label’s Alex Haar.

“Those insights will be invaluable to our artists, helping them respond to fans in a more relevant way. This is the beginning of a longer term experiment. In the coming months, we will continue to add content and features to the site.”

Those new features will include embeddable widgets and the ability to buy tracks, apparently. Would you go to a record label’s site to discover new music, or do you prefer existing sites like those mentioned above? Post a comment with your views!


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