10 bands who should support Blur at Hyde Park

Did you get tickets? Well, did you? Oh well, don’t worry if not – we hear they’re headlining Glasto. Yes, the reformed Blur are the hottest ticket for next summer by far, assuming the rumoured Smiths and Guns’n’Roses reunions don’t happen (sadly, yes, that’s two separate reunions, not a supergroup).

But who will support Blur at Hyde Park? You have to assume the band will be hand-picking the other bands on the bill, but will they go for a Britpop nostalgia-fest, or something more quirky? Naturally, we’ve got views – check our ten suggestions below, and then let us know who you’d like to see on-stage on the big days…



Why they should: Because the public demand it! Well, some of the public. Okay, us. But Menswear’s debut album is a bona-fide Britpop classic, long overdue a critical revival. A tight support set could spark it.

Why they probably won’t: Reforming the band might be tricky – singer Johnny reportedly wasn’t keen when the idea was mooted last year, and the rest of the band are gainfully employed in various music biz jobs.



Why they should: Less a band, more a constantly-rotating gala of Western and African musicians collaborating live on-stage. And since Damon Albarn’s in charge and keen to open our minds to this stuff, Hyde Park would be the perfect opportunity.

Why they probably won’t: Actually, we can’t think of any reasons, unless Damon is too busy re-learning the lyrics to This Is A Low to have time to organise it.



Why they should: Kevin Shield’s sonic visionaries are back together and played some rapturously-received comeback gigs this year. The white-noise bit from Realise would sound ace through big stadium speakers. And it’d be a reunion of sorts from the Rollercoaster tour of 1992. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting Dinosaur Jr should play too.

Why they probably won’t: If Health & Safety don’t rule it out, the expense of distributing earplugs to every gig-goer (as they did on their tour) probably will.



Why they should: Another reunion – Sleeper supported Blur at Ally Pally in 1994. And like Menswear, they’re cruelly under-rated now – a greatest hits set would sort that. Plus any difficulties reforming the band would be offset by the fact that frankly Louise Wener could hire ANY three blokes as backup and nobody would be any the wiser.

Why they probably won’t: Louise is an author nowadays (although maybe she could do a spoken-word reading).



Why they should: Four words: Alex James, Betty Boo. Every single member of the crowd gets to go doe-eyed with lust at one or both of them.

Why they probably won’t: Did anyone buy the Wigwam single? And possible jealousy within Blur if Alex gets two goes on-stage, although perhaps in mitigation every band member could get a support slot for their own project. Dave could do a talk about politics, obv.



Why they should: With rumours of a big-money reunion, Hyde Park would be the perfect venue for a dry-run – much as the Manic Street Preachers did supporting the Roses in their comeback gig after Richey’s disappearance.

Why they probably won’t: Possibly too linked to the Oasis camp. Plus it’s anyone’s guess if those monetary offers have even convinced Ian Brown and John Squire to be civil to one another, let alone share a stage. Oh, and the Roses could probably fill Hyde Park on their own next summer if they wanted to.



Why they should: They’d be cheaper and more gettable than the Stone Roses. And lest we forget, the Charlies’ Just When You’re Thinking Things Over was the best single released in the week when Country House and Roll With It went head-to-head…

Why they probably won’t: That Oasis connection again: the Charlatans supported the Mancs at Knebworth.



Why they should: Proven rabble-rousers on a Hyde Park sized stage, and their first album positioned them as the spiritual heirs to Modern Life Is Rubbish / Parklife-era Blur. With a bit of arm-twisting, they might be persuaded to bring their blow-up dinosaur.

Why they probably won’t: Possibly a bit too similar if Blur are planning a greatest hits set. Also, the Chiefs were spotted this weekend playing as Girls Aloud’s backing band on telly, so they might not fancy the switch back to indie.



Why they should: Cheaper and more gettable than Sleeper. Pearl Lowe would probably relish the chance to get back on-stage. And Afrodisiac is a killer tune, which still slays indie discos today. Well, it would do if any of the DJs would play it.

Why they probably won’t: All the other Powder tunes aren’t so killer, if we’re honest. And Pearl might prefer to stick with the fashion biz.



Why they should: This grizzled band’s punk-goes-fairground racket was one of the supports at Blur’s Mile End gig in 1995, at the personal request of Blur themselves.

Why they probably won’t: They didn’t go down too well at Mile End, if I’m honest. And sadly, singer Tim Smith had a heart attack earlier this year (that’s not a band-name based joke – he really did), so getting back on-stage probably isn’t high on their agenda at the mo.


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