Proof that hip-hop artists really do like big butts


Well, butts of any size, really. And bums, and booty. But they’re not so keen on clitoris. This, at least, is the implication from some truly groundbreaking research published online at a site called Fleshmap.

It’s analysed thousands of song lyrics to find how often specific body parts are mentioned, producing visual charts for each. So in the case of hip-hop, “ass” is in 23.64% of songs, followed by “head” (22.81%), “hand” (21.79%) and “eye” (19.3%). Clitoris is only in 0.18% of songs, although that may be due to rhyming difficulties rather than ignorance of basic female biology. Possibly.

How about alternative music? It’s all about the eyes (12.42%), followed by hands (10.22%) and heads (7.72%). Ass comes low down the list with 1.48%, although that’s better than in the gospel genre, where only 0.62% of songs mention it. Actually, that’s higher than we would’ve guessed…


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