Amazon launches MP3 Store in the UK (including Take That’s new album for £3)


Americans have been buying MP3s from Amazon for ages now, but finally us Brits can get in on the action. The site has launched its MP3 Store this morning, and it’s got some pretty killer deals.

Like what? Well, the new Take That album is going for £3, as are the latest albums from Kings of Leon, Coldplay and Girls Aloud. Individual songs start at 59p, while albums are pretty variable, although those new ones that aren’t on sale seem to be hovering around the £6.49 mark.

There’s some missing artists at the moment, mind – fans of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand will be disappointed at the lack of albums from those artists. But it’s very early days, and the actual experience of buying an album or track is very slick indeed.

The new MP3 store is also integrated into the rest of the site, so when you look at the Take That album, there’s a button below the price on the right-hand side telling you how much it is on the MP3 Store too.

(via Music Ally)


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