Battle of the Bands – Surface Unsigned 2008


Everybody knows we love new music at PopJunkie its just we think that there happens to be an awful lot of shit new music wafting across the country. Thanks to MyFace and SpaceBook it seems everybody under 35 is in a band. So it is with great delight that I welcome the opening of this year’s Surface Festival Unsigned – looking at new bands in the way we are supposed to – in the grand old battle of the band stylee.

Believe it or not The Surface Unsigned Festival is the only national live music event that brings unsigned bands and artists to the attention of all aspects of the music industry – obviously this doesn’t include the battle of the bands at the Faversham Arms in Kent, that’s where I discovered Loose Change btw.

Anyway across 2009 events will be held in Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), the Northwest (Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds), the Midlands (Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Nottingham), Avon (Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham), South Wales (Cardiff, Swansea) and the Southeast (London, Reading, Brighton) making it the largest event of its kind. The festival is association with some pretty big name sponsors including Marshall, Kerrang, Zildjian, and Oxjam so I suggest you all skeptics listen up.

In fact last years winners, The Arcadian Kicks played at the 2008 Isle Of Wight Festival on the Big Top stage alongside Feeder and The Stranglers. The Arcadian Kicks got snapped up by Jon Brookes from The Charlatans as he was judging one of the heats in the Surface Unsigned Festival 2007. Jon saw enough potential to sign them to his management company One Beat Media.

The winner of the competition also receives a cool £5,000 in cash – definitely not to be sniffed at.

Register here.


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